Super Car Hire – the Checks

When you hire a supercar, it’s no surprise that there are checks involved.  After all, these are seriously expensive vehicles with a huge amount of power under the hood so it isn’t a surprise that companies that offer supercar hire also require certain checks before leasing the vehicle.  So what paperwork and checks are required before you can drive off with the car of your dreams?


Driving license

Obviously, the most important thing you need to hire a supercar is the correct driving license.  This means a UK license or the applicable Type 3 or Type B Euro-Standard license from your home country if you are visiting the UK.  Any licenses not to this standard will require an international license to accompany them.  Some countries require that you have had your license for three years before being able to drive abroad so this might limit if you can get this extension.

For UK drivers, you need to provide the photocard license as the paper counterpart is no longer valid from June 2015.  If you don’t have your license, then the company may want to do a DVLA check to ensure you are okay to drive, like the kind offered by companies like uCheck, for businesses and empoyers who need to check an individual’s driving credentials.  To do this, you go to the DVLA website and the tab that says ‘share your license information’.  This will allow you to create a code and click a link that allows you to print a copy of your license.  With most companies, you need to do this less than 30 days before you collect the vehicle to ensure it is valid.  You can also give the code to the hire company to perform their own DVLA check.



The other legal stipulation of the hire is insurance and most hire car companies will provide cover to ensure you are legal to drive on the road.  Normal insurance doesn’t cover hire vehicle and definitely won’t cover supercars so you do need a specialist type of short term policy.  Some companies offer different levels of cover including those with and without an excess built into them.  Make sure you understand all the terms of the policy and what does happen if you have an accident.


Using the vehicle

The aim of supercar hire is to enjoy the experience, therefore, most hire agreements will stipulate that the use of the vehicle is for social, domestic and pleasure purposes.  Some may also include a use in connection with your business, though this might depend on what it is.  So if you want to collect a business colleague and turn up at a seminar in style, this might be fine.  But if you are acting as a chauffeur with the hire vehicle, this will likely be excluded.  If you do want some element of business use during the hire, check with the company to make sure this is okay.


Travelling abroad

In most cases, hire of the vehicle will limit you to within the UK’s boundaries.  If you want to hire a car to drive in France, for example, you are usually best advised to hire a French car to use abroad, rather than hire one in the UK to travel to France.