Month: September 2017

Can you put a Personalised Plate on a Lease Car?

There are a heap of benefits to leasing a car that we’ve looked at throughout the site but, let’s face it, one of the negatives is that it simply isn’t your own. There’s tonnes of ways to personalise your car (when you own it) but what can you do to make it stand out and show off your personality if it is on lease? Well, private registration plates are a great way of doing both of those things and as luck would have it, they are a modification that is possible on a lease car! Here are some of the things that you’ll need to consider…


It is likely to add some extra money as the lease company will have to communicate with the DVLA and deal with a bit of extra red tape. There will also be the cost of the plate. You will also have to ensure that you are looking at a lease company who will offer this service so you might be limited when it comes to ‘shopping around’ and negotiating on the lease prices.


You won’t actually own the private plate as to own the plate you have to be the registered keeper of the vehicle, which with a lease car, you are not. However, in most instances written agreements can be made so that the plate is then transferred to you once the lease is up. And don’t forget, you will need to make sure that you have details of the registered keeper from the lease company before you embark on looking for a private reg.

Transfer Docs

The DVLA Certificate of Entitlement (V750) should be supplied to you by the company you have purchased the private number plate from. Once you have this document (usually within 5 working days) you will need to pass this over to the leasing company along with anything else they request (usually cash) in order for them to complete all the pesky red tape with the DVLA. You can get lots of advice online about purchasing and transferring private registration numbers from sites like Number It may be that you already have a private plate on retention and hold a V778 document or that you are looking for advice to start the process right from scratch. Either way it is best to get as much advice as you can before you start the transfer process and then, when you do, head over to where they have lots of tools to help you if you are going it alone and the lease company aren’t doing this bit for you.

Ending the Lease

At the end of your lease don’t forget to ensure you have your agreement with the lease company to hand so that they can transfer the plate over to you and you can then put the plate on retention for your next vehicle. That way the process should be quick and easy when it comes to adding your plate to your next lease or new car.

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